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Luke 6:20 "Blessed are you who are poor, yours is the kingdom of God.
About walkinglass:

I follow the commands of my Friend, Jesus Christ, in SECRET.

No one that I bless knows who I am.

Jesus fed thousands with a basket of fish and bread.

I came into a town on the same parallel as Jerusalem with a bed roll on one shoulder and a plastic drink bottle of water on the other shoulder and less than $5.00.

I have fed over 50,000 meals in 5.5 years to the homeless without anyone assisting me except Jesus Christ and without a regular job.

I sponsor 26 children around the world and feed other children until someone else sponsors them. I have sent them Holy Bibles to correspond with them through verses.

I get up before daylight in the winter and take a 5 gallon container of coffee to the homeless along with hooded coats, cookies, gloves, and other winter gear while the rest of the people around 300,000 lay in bed counting the rope that God gives them to hang themselves with. They are not willing to SUFFER or ENDURE for the name sake of Jesus Christ as required by God.

The top cop of this area told me that no one in the history of this famous town has ever done what I am doing since 1738 when this town was established.

You find a 1,000 excuses not to assist me, I find only 1 reason to do as Jesus expects of me. You wonder why Jesus warns you over and over that there is only a FEW of us on earth and MANY of you are going through the gates of DESTRUCTION into HELL.

This is the opportunity for the disciples and angels of the devil to put me down but someday they will see me across the chasm from HELL holding up 4 fingers signaling you that I-TOLD-YOU-SO

Click on and you will know who, 'I AM'.

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Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

SOUP BONES, you brought 'it' on yourself. You chose them so the Son of God doesn't chose you.

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

SOUP BONES, you brought 'it' on yourself.

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Bones, since God put a CURSE on you and you give a GNAT's amount to the poor and do not put your LIGHT on the BUSHEL BASKET to shine, then I suggest that you keep your PROBLEMS (CURSES) to yourself ...

Commented: About windwalker's answer

You are right stress, you are a 'MINDLESS FRAUD'. Your thumbnail shows that you REALLY DON"T HAVE ANYTHING IN YOU HEAD BUT "STALE AIR".

Commented: About windwalker's answer

Keep up the good work, windwalker.

Commented: About windwalker's answer

You are right, they are all ANTI CHRISTS, ALL RELIGIONS LIE and DECIEVE mankind for the DEVIL and appear as an ANGEL of LIGHT in their PRIDEFUL CLOTHES TOPPED OF WITH A JUDAS NOOSE. They TRULY are ...

Commented: About Morgan's answer

God created two HUMANSon earth. The Jews and the GENTILES. Gentiles means NATIONS in Greek. The Jews are Israelites. Mexicans are HUMANS, American Indians are HUMANS, African American are HUMANS and ...

Asked: How can I ACQUIRE 3 BILLION DOLLARS to pass on to ...

I'm willing to take less than a MILLION DOLLARS the FIRST time if you NEED TO TEST ME and ***YOU SHOULD***. If anyone knows the Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Sam Walton's 3 families, have them ...

Commented: About walkinglass's answer

Destroyer of the Word, why don't you defend the DYING children of the world instead of putting your GREASE into your PRIDE, the DEADLIEST of the DEADLY SINS????? You have a tendancy to avoid my ...

Commented: About walkinglass's answer

Corrine, I have attempted to comment back to you several times but the STUPID AOL employees block the TRUTH from reaching YOU. They are as smart as Mr. Webster. Click on my URL at the end of my ...



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stressed says:
"Why must you be such an athest liar? Fake without one scrap of truth. Genocidal rage in every word you preach. Every insult aggainst Jesus? Every hateful bash against Christ, Proves you are an atheist, Flying false colors, Only to cause violence and spite."
Rocmike3 says:
"Let's hope for an improvement, shall we? To date, all you have approved is leftist/atheist bigotry. AOL Answers is the place of open minds, not atheist/leftist bigots."
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hey there walkinglass... how are you doing today? I am happy to welcome you to Yedda :) I hope you like it here."