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Answered: How can you be cool in cool glasses

If you want to feel cool in cool glasses, take a cold shower with hot water

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Count your blessings that we have obama as our president. If we fall into the scurrilous hands of the republicans,this country will become a sewer for the filthy rich to crawl in....Or out of

Answered: Why can obama not produce one official ...

Obama has made hirs birth certificate public,written in the English language. Those who no comprende English are having a big problem understanding it's contents. Those who are afflicted by their ...

Answered: One of Hollywood's Far-left Liberals SLITHERS-OUT ...

While the Democrats have hired Tom Hanks to narrate a Historic Film on the accomplishments of President Barrack Obama,the Republicans are trying to enlist Osama Bin Laden from beyond the grave,to ...

Answered: Boobs

Hope this picture helps

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