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Deb says:
"Thanks again for help with the e-mail search function problem. You're my hero!!"
Jackie Frankenstein says:
"Very fast! thank you!"
d-web says:
"AOLMailMat has not responded to my question for five days. Is that normal?"
Di Ware says:
"Many thanks for helping me ur a star pity l lost all my emails "
hannah says:
"thanks for sorting out my email so quickly!!"
AOLMichael says:
"Very impressed. Mat can solve any email problem."
ini_ann says:
"Thanks for your help, great that finally someone takes care of the problem."
Ann says:
"I agree with riekerfit--Mat is the BEST! Never leaves me hanging :)"
Llewellyn Berry says:
"AOLMailMat, Thank you for your help."
gypsyfenix says:
"Thanks for answering my question so quickly! Your response made me look a little closer and found what I was looking for!"
Carolyn says:
"Thank you for your help. Carolyn"
Jeff says:
"Thank you for taking care of my problem and for following-up. You are a great advertisement for AOL. "
n says:
"AOLMailMat, thanks for answering my query so promptly. I truly do respect you for that."
riekerfit says:
"AOLMailMat is the BEST...thanks again for helping me out. I appreciate it."
Amy says:
""AOLMailMat" has been the most helpful and considerate person during this ordeal. Thanks so much. Amy"
Brenfd says:
"AOLMailMat is the best of the best!!!"
Ccattgirl54 says:
"Thanks so much for being there for all of us. It is very appreciated by this user."