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Today is Thanksgiving, 2008.  I have not been here in Yedda for quite sometime, and I miss my old friends, and I apologize for not getting back with people whom have selected me as a new contact.  These days, I am extremely busy with Army training, online schools, classes and my work in the every day work in chemicals.  Additionally, I am preparing for a Midde East tour of duty, so pray for me, those that believe. 

(my old info follows this parenthesis ---->)Serving in the Army more than 18 years.  I was a newspaper managing editor in NY and worked at a radio station in TN as a dj.   Currently, I aspire to become a city newspaper publisher, while serving my country.  I love the newspaper publishing business and the Army.  I was commended by the Pentagon for single-handedly establishing a newspaper for a base, where a newspaper did not exist.  I am a hip, chic, and cool person, whom loves to offer advice.  I am adventurous, and I enjoy my computer, off-days, Federal holidays, shopping, creating, quiet times, and meeting new people like you.

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In my honest opinion, you are a ten! You look much better than some models and actresses that I've seen in magazine or on television! The last photo of you without glasses, (not that there is ...

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Wow, this question brings up a memory-blast from the past, and it now reminds me and faces me to remember why I divorced. You see -- touble happened during a Thanksgiving holiday when my ex and I ...

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Hey solja, My guess is to tell you to be patient, and don't be so eager and to try and do things slow-- Lee. But the advice that sexpert gave you should help too...practice makes one perfect.

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Hey Now, our answers were posted 2 months ago, and your reply was posted 1 month ago, and because I'm so busy in the Army, I just read your reply. We are not attempting to fool anyone. I provided a ...

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Thanks Jaak!

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I like to use The Department of Housing's (DOH) budget recommendations, and it's ideal. The DOH recommends that 28 percent of your monthly gross income be allocated as the maximum allowable for your ...

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How about a cousin to the McMuffin, such as a McBiscuit for breakfast, with sausge (turkey or pork), egg and cheese?

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Although you have great answers, I just wanted to add my two cents regarding the causes of hives. CausesThe lesions of hives and angioedema are caused by inflammation in the skin. In some cases, hives ...

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Answered: What are the funniest comic strips you've read?

Same here, The Far Side and Peanuts.


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