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Answered: How far can vaginas stretch

well figure if the average baby's head is 8" in diameter that should be a pretty good stretch.

Answered: How to make sex better when the guy has a ...

With out a doubt oral sex and knowing how to do it.

Answered: Sister and i did it doggysyle

Not a good idea, everyone has poor judgement at one time or another. Im not saying that it's ok, just don't do it again. Good luck you live, you learn.

Answered: Sexxx

squeeze it

Answered: Do I call him or leave it alone?

Don't say a word just play it off like it's no big deal trust me it will get him thinking and before you know it he won't leave you alone. Been there done that

Answered: BuffMother--is she a UFC groupie?

Monica please be more specific i don't knlw those abbreviations

Answered: What's a condomn?

thin latex band applied to errect penis for some protection against STD's and pregnancy.

Answered: Sex with boyfriend??

Trust me you will both know.

Answered: How to find out where i can give gently used books ...

Salvation army.Ronald mcdonald house, department of family social services and red cross shelters.

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