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"Here we are now, entertain us!"
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The world can be a fun place.  I want to help make it funner.  (Is "funner" really a word?)  Or at least more interesting.  (That means serious questions too.  I've got a serious side, you know.)

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Asked: How to get Rebecca Black's "Friday" out of my ...

The annoyingly catchy Rebecca Black song "Friday" is stuck in my head. I worry this could happen every Friday or whenever I think about Friday! How do you get a song out of your mind? (Maybe ...

Asked: What's your memory of Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at age 79. It's hard to believe she's gone! She was famous for so many reasons: blockbuster movies, many romances and marriages (Richard Burton, etc.), her ...

Asked: Should ABC ban Chris Brown from DWTS?

Chris Brown had an outburst backstage on "Good Morning America" (though he was fine on the show). Should ABC cancel Chris Brown's performance next week on "Dancing with the Stars"?

Asked: Should CBS rehire Charlie Sheen?

He's baaaack!! Or is he? Is Charlie Sheen #winning his job back on "Two and Half Men"? Should CBS take him back?

Asked: Should ABC cancel "All My Children"?

Wow -- ABC might cancel "All My Children"! (The last Oprah, Regis, and AMC in the same year!?) Will you be sad if AMC is gone?

Asked: Is Zooey Deschanel unrecognizable in this ad?

Does Zooey Deschanel look like herself in this Rimmel cosmetics ad?

Asked: Was Aflac justified in firing Gilbert Gottfried?

I think that Gilbert Gottfried's tweets about Japan were inappropriate. But Aflac must have known about his offensive comedy style. Heck, they hired him as the "Aflac duck" because he's annoying ...

Asked: Celebrity nudity?

Why do big stars like Natalie Portman get nude for ads? Is it exhibitionism, pride, money, fame, or what? (Update: Related article at ...

Asked: Rosemary Church on CNN: Bad broadcast of Japan ...

CNN anchor Rosemary Church was on live as reports came in about the awful earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Did you see her broadcast? (I've only seen one clip, which seems okay. But I've read ...

Asked: Will Lindsay Lohan avoid prison?

What was the jeweler thinking by selling the key evidence in the Lindsay Lohan case?? Does Lindsay Lohan have a get-out-of-jail-free card?

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