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Answered: Which is the best way to advertise a condoms?

I think the "Teen" is the market you want to reach, so what do the read? I don't think TV is the place. Some print ad that will reach the hands of the teenager.

Answered: What's the best part about yedda?

Something to fill in the time when things get slow. share what you know to people that want to hear it.

Answered: How do you get water stains and other stains out ...

Marble needs to be polished to remove flaws, I doubt you have the right equipment.

Answered: Ok.... my bf worked late.... does at least once ...

If you allow this to go on then you are. Have you heard of STD?

Answered: Please tell me what i can do?

Schools need paperwork so you can't just take him somewhere new.

Answered: Under Water with Mortgage

It will ruin your credit, they may come after you for the balance of what you owe and what they get for it.

Answered: Propositioned by his Friend

This what what happens when people drink to much.

Answered: How do I proove blackfoot ancestry when my father ...

People who do Family Tree research also have dna tests that show markers that show where you come from. It might cost between $100.00 and $300.00 for the test but it can connect you with others who ...

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