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Answered: Under Water with Mortgage

It will ruin your credit, they may come after you for the balance of what you owe and what they get for it.

Answered: Propositioned by his Friend

This what what happens when people drink to much.

Answered: Layers

Layers of what? explain better.

Answered: Are we being ROBBED?

Do you have a copy of your CCRs? It should be addressed in them.

Answered: What size socket do I need to remove the cylinder ...

Don't you have any tools? Are you going to buy just the one? You will need more to get to the head bolts, just try what you have till it fits.

Answered: Money Saving Motoring

Slow take off's and steady driving at 55 mph.

Answered: Do you have a spare car key and spare house ...

No, I got a couple Real Estate lock box at Lowes and put the one on my house and the other on my car/truck. I have used them many times.

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