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Answered: Womans seiko watch

Hold it up to the computer so I can see it...

Answered: Need a loan ASAP

Hi Ed. What do you need the money for?

Answered: Is there a site where you can check to see if you ...

I think I would know if I did or not. You could ask ex wife? or the DA in the County you were in.

Answered: Approximately 5 square feet of my carpet got wet ...

There is a pool filter power, somekind of "Earth" in the name. I used this many times to dry the water and it didnt stain or smell. Just pack it on deep if it turns yellow on top then it's full you ...

Answered: Sticky lock? I have always had good results by ...

WD 40 is the best thing to use on locks. Not graphite.

Answered: Lawn chair fabric

Any hardware store would have it, but might be wrong time of year for it, more a summer item.

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