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Answered: The reason 'baggers can't have nice things ?

the nicest thing I can think of is a crap like you to be flushed down a sewer pipe, ending in a cesspool where you rightly belong, punk.

Answered: WANTED : voters who are into ' sport ' , vulture ...

LOL ... whatever the POS for a man (Faux) says, it's a plain BS, just like his whole existence.

Answered: The gop is sabotaging the economy

Looks like the idiot faux keeps talking to himself, convinced of his immortal importance for this board. What a twerp.

Answered: Romeny impersonated a cop? ...

Obama imperonated a thug ... effortlessly. Natural characteristic he was born with.

Answered: Perfect quote from czech republic about GEORGE W ...

A perfect quote from Czech Republic would sound like this: Bush i v jeho nejhorsich dnech byl porad tisickrate lepsi clovek a president nez si ten cernej usatej sasek muze o sobe nechat zdat.

Answered: Is Obama Muslim?

in any case ... Obama is a radical anti-american POS.

Answered: Grammasheila is a bigot ?

Gramma is a someone who is deeply involved in making your lives miserable, imbeciles. And if she were a 'bigot', then the two of you, ghetto monkeys, are brainless racist maggots.

Answered: My Girlfriend the skank

Bravely annonymous answer ... you must be a libturd, punk.

Answered: How to use a urinal bottle?

fill it up, and break it over some libturd's head.

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