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Answered: What is the average car accident insure suit ...

Whip lash takes that distinction, hands down.

Answered: How to tell if someone is mad at you?

You can't if they decide to hide their anger and it will only enrage them more if your always asking, "Are you mad at me?".. "Are you mad at me?".. "Are you mad at me?".. Think! If you haven't done ...

Answered: What to do if arrested for public drunk?

Lay it out in the drunk tank.. See the judge next day (hope it's not a week-end) pay the fine and don't be stupid enough to repeat this process.

Answered: What happens to mail that requires a signature?

It's called registered mail and it guarentees the person to whom it's addressed to personally receives it.. The signed receipt then goes back to the sender who places it in a file for later proof of ...

Answered: How to format drive d:?

Drive 'D' (your cd/dvd player/recorder?).. You can't.. You can only format whatever is in it at the time.. Don't attempt if you want to keep your DVD/CD intact. Drive D does not have anything (of ...

Answered: How to "ungay" my 19 year old son?

There's nothing you can do.. It's his choice, not yours. Your choice is to either love and accept him as he is or excommunicate him from your life.. Either way won't change a thing and insisting will ...

Answered: Which political party is more popular?

Usually the most popular is the winning party (but too soon even it can become very unpopular after activation).

Answered: Did Rep. Anthony Weiner tweet a lewd photo?

Looks like his pencil neck is pertruding well beyond that clown costume he's insulting..

Answered: What is bad about chocolate milk?

When some pencil neck cuts down on the chocolate flavoring and they slap it into 2% OR WORSE.. Skim milk. THAT's when chocolate milk is bad..


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