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Answered: How much is to much attention for a dog?

No such limits. They'll lap up every minute you give them and if it makes you feel the better for it then there is no boundaries..

Answered: How much money do i need if i don't want to work?

Not very much as cardboard boxes under freeway bridges are maintenance free with little to no rent and beans can be bought at pennies a pound..

Answered: Why doesn't caffeine affect m e?

Caffeine doesn't affect a lot of people for different reasons, the most common reason is it's not brewed strong enough and then it's mixed with cream and sugar. You want to get a real jolt out of a ...

Answered: What is a funny Kaleigh joke?

How can you tell if Kaleigh is frigid? When you open her legs the lights go on. What would you call the definition of surprise? A fart with a lump in it. yur momma is so Kaleigh when she makes bacon ...

Answered: What to buy a man?

Different ages, different interests.. A relatively young guy: Anything edible that you wear (especially under garments).. Up to middle age: A nice sexy nightie (again, the interest revolves around you ...

Answered: How do i put my business name into my email?

In your Email, click "compose mail" (or similar option) then look for and find the "Settings" icon and click on it.. Next page, go down to "Signature".. There should be a box to enter anything you ...

Answered: Why do all white women prefer black men to marry?

Look around! All white women? Or just the white women you know.. In reality, the reason 'some' white women prefer to marry black men is their business. To say all white women do this is like saying ...

Answered: What to do if the judge is an idiot?

Don't laugh. Old idiots can't stand the sound of laughter and if their old idiot judges, they love the word 'maximum'..

Answered: Is tom brady good because his offensive line is ...

It all has to work like a machine, but I think Brady is outstanding on his own. The only way to prove it is to see how his appearance on another team would cause it to improve but we know that isn't ...

Answered: What are the friendliest high schools in fort ...

Haltom High.. Richland High.. Northwest High. For future pro or college football jocks, Pascal High.


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