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Answered: Why do i waste money and lie about it?

Too many reasons to guess.. Typically a need for attention even if it's negative. You could also feel guilty but have a thing about being chastised so you lie to keep the peace.. There's also the self ...

Answered: Why feet feel on fire?

Nuropathy possibly.. Have yourself checked for possible diabetes.

Answered: What to put on mosqitoe bites to make swelling go ...

Make a paste of baking soda and water, using just enough water to make the paste sticky. Spread the mixture onto the bite.

Answered: How to make swivel stool swivel easy?

Saturate the movements with WD40 then spray about once a month (as needed) to keep it smooth.

Answered: What does it mean when your spouse does not want ...

Depends, how much was he into kissing before you two married? Some guys are really strange.. I once knew a guy who refused to drink after anyone. Maybe your hubby has a phobia with other people's ...

Answered: How much formaldahyde in one cigarrette?

Traces.. All the so-called poisons in cigarettes are trace amounts, just like the poisons (preservatives) found in processed foods. Has any one ever questioned the g'ment's official stand on ...

Answered: How to stuff a dummy for halloween?

I usually invite them over for lunch and feed them Twinkies all day (that'll fatten any dummy in my group).

Answered: What kind of sex do men fantasy about?

Typically having a threesome (two females of course).


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