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My name is Jonathan. I live in the hot and sweaty state of Florida. I do have a pretty interesting job here at Universal Studios. I work constantly. So in my free time I love to BS on the computer.

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Answered: What to buy for the difficult person?

gift cards are the perfect invention for that!

Answered: Why do you think dogs like to sniff ?

It's just their way of using their "eyes". Theyre just curious

Answered: How to become a good pickpocket

You shouldn't pickpocket. Why would you go to great lengths to steal from someone. Karma will come back to you.

Answered: Will "Puss in Boots" Recreate the Shrek Success?

I think so. It's a great character. Love Puss in Boots. I definitely seeing it being a huge hit/saga.

Answered: Lately i've been seeing a ball red and yellow ...

Are you suffering from any mental disorder, depression or on any medication? Sounds generic- but that could be one of the reasons. The brain can do a lot of crazy things. See a doctor if it is ...

Answered: What are the health risks of donating plasma

None that I can think of, it's a great idea and a great thing to do

Asked: I'm going to Thailand next month, any random ...

I'm going to Thailand next month, any random advice for those who have been?

Answered: What are fun facts

fun facts are stupid/witty/interesting facts that most people don't know about. it can be about anything...any topic

Answered: Do you think i could model?

Do not go with Barbizon! They ARE a scam. You have to pay hundreds of dollars for everything. It's not worth it, and it's not a true source. You could do print modeling but I would look into other ...

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