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My name is Jonathan. I live in the hot and sweaty state of Florida. I do have a pretty interesting job here at Universal Studios. I work constantly. So in my free time I love to BS on the computer.

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Answered: Would You Like Some Gold Dusted Chocolate?

wow, that's unbelievable and ridiculous. but I would so eat it.

Answered: Will You Have Burgers Delivered?

I like their veggie burgers :) I don't eat any of the other crap. If I am in dire need of one, I might take them up on the offer!

Answered: Is Demi Moore Pining for Ashton Kutcher?

I think so, the body can react to stress in many different ways. She's mentally exhausted and could of had too much to drink as well. I don't know the full story. Who knows, I just hope she gets ...

Answered: Hey AOL, you suck.

I happen to be very fond of AOL :)

Answered: How to tell if my 3 month baby will be gap toothed ...

If it is a dominate feature in him, and more so if any of his family members have it as well, then chances are high. You can always get your little man braces when he gets older :)

Answered: Beer or Wine?

beer! hell yeah!

Answered: Sex addiction. My boyfriend of 5 years cannot ...

You can't be with someone that like. He obviously doesn't have respect. Get rid of him hunny....

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