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Asked: What does Muslim Deceiver

what does Muslim Deceiver

Asked: What do you call a woman that suck the money and ...

what do you call a woman that suck the money and life out of a man

Commented: About SpiritWarrior's answer

That was truly Wonderful Alena. That taught me so very much & was so helpful. Thank you! Bette

Commented: About Michael's answer

Agreed! Thanks for your comment. One would be too many! Thanks Michael for your input, Bette

Commented: About OronD's answer

Thanks OronD, I should have been more specific, I am sorry. I mean from attacks that Israel has had to put up with. I do not want to call them military for I do not consider Hamas military. I like ...

Asked: How many killed in Israel in 2011

How many killed in Israel in 2011

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Dr. Kelly says:
"The entire world has the right to be alarmed (or at least vitally concerned) with Muslim extremists. This group has drifted so far from the teachings of Islam that they can no longer be considered Muslims. Yet they claim the tradition at our expense. Please keep me posted."