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very positive, i hope sensitive to others, and happy

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nature reveals the glory of God; i believe all souls have an innate desire to know God, so many people look toward nature with a desire to understand it,,,sort of like scientist trying to come up with ...

Answered: So, what is wrong with Islam?

it will lead to the destruction of the soul and endless torment forever

Asked: Your question...if your home ac turns off ...

Your question...if your home ac turns off completely would that mean the thermostat would lose electricity or could it be just the fuse

Answered: Family problem

Please suggest to your husband to learn mathew chapter 7 in the bible...its such a great will help him when those feelings arise....and after that there is always the mirror

Answered: What is one of the best things that the DEVIL uses ...

from the beginning,,lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life

Answered: If there is truth, where is it? The Bible ...

Since God is truth, he manifest this truth to us through His Word, Jesus, who has left testimony of his creation from beginning to end in the bible; Holy men spake as they were moved by the Holy ghost ...