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Answered: What book in the bible has the phrase

Atheists burn Bibles while in their gulags with Stalin. Is there an atheist that doesn't burn bibles? When our Lord Jesus returns he will round up all the atheists and put them in Las Vegas. They will ...

Answered: Yo Dems, great job you did in Egypt

Jesus was a far right extremist when he was eaten in a gulag by Hitler. Is there anything atheist liberal muslim nazi communists won't do for kicks? We must stop atheists eating our gods before they ...

Answered: What does the word unction mean with reference to ...

Unction is another word meaning gulag.

Answered: Religions that use sex, as a way to God and ...

Atheists all eat goldfish and fart when shopping. Is there an atheist that values prawns at all? I don't think so. They sit in their gulags barbecuing prophets while urinating on pictures of Christ ...

Answered: What does the word unction mean with reference to ...

Uckfay (adv): (L. Uckfus, to fill with cock). The Uckfay of the Holy Spirit is to understand a sound motive for a good pedophile priest, and to be "uckfayed" (penetrated) with ideas how to go about ...

Answered: Dick & Melodie Tunney--Did they write the song ...

Hitler wrote it in a gulag with Stalin while on drugs. it is the work of the devil, so quite good.

Answered: Sister Ambrogina of san carlo is She a saint

Atheists tortured Mother Teresa in a gulag with Obama. Are there any sensible atheists that don't have gulags? It appears not. They deliberately taunt Jesus by eating pork pies.

Answered: Archbishop Marino Marini

Atheists used to torture Archbishop Marina Moronic while in their gulags with Stalin. Is there anything that an atheist does that doesn't involve torturing the holy? Atheism has no God and no point ...

Answered: How many hours are in 967 minutes?

Atheists cannot use a calculator because they were created by God himself. 1 God day = 967 heathen days.

Answered: Gifts for end of a class

Atheists give presents to Hitler while in Dawkins gulag with O'Hair. Is there any atheist that gives presents to God?

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