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Answered: Is it time to change our Gun Control regulations?

Close down the gun shops, force everyone to hand in all their weapons and ammo and destroy them.

Answered: What Do You Want To Ask The Presidential ...

Hey Mitt, tell us about your dumb underwear!

Answered: Adam's creation

He was created when Genesis was written.

Answered: Haunted House in Lakeview

No such thing as a haunted house

Answered: Who or what was God's gift to women?

Gods greatest gift to the world is being imaginary.

Answered: How does Messianic prophecy provide strong ...

There is no evidence for Christianity.

Answered: Was adam and eve the first people on earth

I strongly recommend you stop taking the bible as the word of a god, which it clearly isn't, and read a science book instead.

Answered: When I die and go to Heaven, will I recocnise ...

He will be turned into an invisible vinegar drinking fairy like Jesus, so no, although you won't see him you might smell his farts.

Answered: Do you think that all good people go to heaven ...

Bob Suffolk is clearly out of his mind.

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