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How the feck can I describe myself, Perfection doesn't look in mirrors at itself.Smile

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Answered: How do I lose weight healthy, cure my depression ...

That's easy, eat less, look on the bright side of life and now I have made myself anxious at whether my answer is any good or useless.

Answered: How long is a piece of string

I don't know how long your piece of string is but my piece is as long as it is from one end of it to the other end lol.

Answered: Is it true that if you perform oral sex on your BF ...

Has this Planet shifted on it's axis again and made everyone topsy turvy lol.

Answered: Are there human beings that are perpetually ...

One in every 4 of us humans are potential Psychopaths.

Answered: Commitment in relationship

All of my 157 relationships that I've had, worked for a while.

Answered: Zero answers in Seven days. Congrats AOL for ...

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it, that's what gets things done.

Answered: My aol 9.7 is used with IE 9.0. The AOL ...

Have you reduced the size of the page perhaps by maybe accidently pressing ctrl and - together, if you have IE will remember that size it's at even if you shut down and will stay that size every time ...

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