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How the feck can I describe myself, Perfection doesn't look in mirrors at itself.Smile

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Answered: I love to take pictures but I hate people ...

Most people are self critical when they see themselves in photographs. Even when they look spiffingly good like me.

Answered: What happens when a heating element goes out of ...

Funny question but I would imagine the first thing you'll notice is that if it's cold outside the car it will be cold inside too and of course the demister won't work so you won't be able to see where ...

Answered: How do you deal with eye puffiness?

Botox the rest of the face and the eye puffiness will hardly be noticeable.

Answered: Now that Windows 8 Consumer Preview is out Aol ...

Just as we get optimised in using one version, another version comes along and we have to start all over again and they only make the new version a little better, when all along they could if they ...

Answered: I Will Teach This To My Girlfriend

At least you might know if your girlfriend loves you after trying to teach her boring stuff like that. I wouldn't dare try to teach a woman anything, we would learn together, for goodness ...

Answered: Hidden meanings

Probably there is nothing hidden intentionally, it's just the way Humans have written them, one man's mountain is another man's molehill. A thousand people can read something and half of them could ...

Answered: How should I care for my diamond jewellery?

If you are a man, give your jewellery to a woman. Only a pansy potter man wears jewellery lol.

Answered: Why does this board suck so bad?! When is the ...

I know how you feel, that's why I don't ask any questions because what question could a man ask when he knows everything lol .

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