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I'm a blogger and IMer,I began to work at home this year.My new blog dating advice where you can find some useful relationship tips.Wish to help you!

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Answered: 'Onlne Dating' for retiree widows age 65+

go to google and search:"dating site for retireee",you can get what you want

Answered: What do you think about this lens http://www ...

your lens is very good,well written and do give me some dating advices

Answered: Have a date

yeah,I'm in mood today,but are you man or woman?

Answered: United states dating scammers men, im looking for ...

I don't have a list about that,but I do know a site called scamvictimforum something like that ,you can try to search that in G

Answered: New to coumpter i am on dateing site called plenty ...

it's dating,not dateing it's not hard,when you log in you can check it in the footer,it's called my messages

Answered: What age do teenagers start dating these days?

like 12 or 14,or even earlier,I've seen someone on yahoo answer at that age seeking a dating site for teenager

Answered: Dating

Someone on facebook has sent me a chat said she wants to be my friend and show me some pics,then she send me a link ,she asked me to compelete that form to see her pics,I know that's a scam

Answered: Who are the owners and moderators of the free ...

The owner of is Dustin R. Weirich. His nickname on that site is “Dustin”.

Answered: Who has dated

Who is Elene Shari Dann-Gubin?I didn't find it in yahoo?

Answered: Looking for frank33 on a dating site

you didn't even mentioned which dating site,how we know that>?

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