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Life is a one lap race. Make many pitstops.
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I live in southwestern Oklahoma and I'm a retired firefighter. I'm also an electrical contractor which I'm not retired from....yet. I'm married (for 36 years) with three children and three grandchildren. That's the important stuff.

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how to repair ceiling light pull chain? Please explain (in detail ) why my advice to connect a new chain on this light was worthy of a "not helpful". - How would you do it ?

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ms-sunshine says:
"Thanks Mr DubsVet! U'r reply just made so much sense and realization...take care!:-)"
jd says:
"I finally got around to letting you know that I appreciate your comment to my post. Thanks a whole lot Dubsvet!"
jd says:
"DubsVet. Thankyou for your humble response. Amazing what people choose to do sometimes is'nt it? Peace."
Full Time Patriot says:
"DubsVets, You have a lot of intrests same as me, I would like to bug you about geothermal energy. Is it possible to by myself?"
Ranger says:
"Your a witty guy and friendly. I think I will enjoy your post."
Sparky's Mom says:
"DubsVet, Happy Valentine's day to our cute little "stooge". I still love that picture. Anna Sparky's Mom "
rrollpam says:
"Hey Dubsvet thanks for the info about my voltage regulator problem here's the next prob my battery is new just bought at end of dec. is my battery not putting out enough volts to get power to my fuel pump?"
cancer says:
"I can perform I do not have a problem there I have a problem with the nights and unfair treatment."
wmcody says:
"i figured that to be the answer,but i thought maybe there might be more that i could find out before doig that. thanx at least someone answered this one. have a good one."
niki says:
"Thank you Dubsvet.. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to go through the eviction process because sometimes it seems as the landlord don't have any rights when it comes to evicting tenants. However if thats what needs to be done than i guess thats just what i have to do cause I know for a fact they're not going to leave vouluntarily... Btw I live in NY thanks again"
AShoofly says:
"DubsVet, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Don't let that winter storm make you cold stay warm in Okla. Bless You Shoo."
ayshia says:
"i agree Jessie V is a whack job faking his way through life to make a buck even if there was any truth how can anyone take him serious . love to watch him just for a good laugh like his wrestling ,think he might need some anti psychotic meds !!!!"
Sparky's Mom says:
"DubsVet, What a wonderful man you are! So sweet and caring. We need lots more just like you on Yedda. In fact, the world needs more DubsVets! Thanks for being a friend. By the way, thanks for putting the Shemp picture back. I think it's cute. Anna Sparky's Mom "
Juliet says:
"Thank you so much for your comment on am i being overprotected. I will truly use this advice."
AShoofly says:
"Hi! Okie welcome to yedda .com. Still have Brad as Governor in Oklahoma and Flash Point on Channel 4. Best Governor Henry Bellmon sorry to hear of his passing. "
Nanadee says:
"hi DubsVets...thanks for the laugh i just had about your comment about b.o. book...and the sex answer. you are very smart in your answers and funny...i always enjoy reading what you have to say...thanks for being part of yedda so we can enjoy you..stay the way you are...God bless...nanadee"
Sparky's Mom says:
"DubsVet, I love your sense of humor. I get a big kick out of you. Thanks for changing the icon picture back to Shemp. He, and you, are cute! Anna Sparky's Mom "
billystepp says:
"thanks alot but i cant find any one close to me i live in columbus nc thanks for the help billy"