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"Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves." Ronald Reagan
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Sit down for awhile Froggie, you need to be quiet for a few weeks to give that injured mind of yours a rest!!

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Dfrogpong: Needed to post the attached to those that know him well and to those who don't!!

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Froggy:Nothing is right wing about this video!! It's a fact around U.S.A that States {polls} don't require ID's. Then again it should go even further. Many illegals have driver licenses and use those ...

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Froggie nothing I will say to you will get through that thick head of yours! So I won't bother to try today!!! I posted this from a friend that wrote this on Opinion section of her town on-line ...

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oops forgot my source:

Answered: Assessing the President

Threat from a Nuclear Iran This is an article from a friend of mine that is running for U.S. Senate for Connecticut's 2nd district (my district) There is a very specific event today that raises a ...

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No you better look in a mirror--oops yours are all broken!!



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"Hi MeowKats! I just wanted to stop by to thank you for all your work on the video thread! Awesome "
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"Happy Mothers Day"
Kathy says:
"Yes, we do have the same values. I actually thought we were already contacts. LOL DUH! We all have to stand for this country and our freedoms. Demon Crooks will go down in November and CONGO BONGO will be gone in 2012 if he makes it that long."
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"Hi there; Your quote by Benjamin Franklin is one of my all-time favs. I like your style, and your answers. Keep up the good work. Happy St Pats"
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"Thanks meowkats for all your beautiful music....I will be glad when i can hear it...But i love watching it come on gypsey's thread and reading what you two have to say....How do i get back there each day.? I usually go thru a old email from yedda but it gets deleted accidently then i am stuck...Lol... God bless and keep up the wonder post, answers, and comments...Love yopur wit lol god bless...Nanadee "
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"Hi Meowkats, thsnks for your insightful input. Your feelings about the space program are justified and your are NOT alone. With your permission I'd like the privilage of keeping you up to date as I continue. God Bless and to you @ family, have a safe and prosperous new year! (thetravler)"
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"Hi meowkats, I am will be more than happy to keep you informed at all times. You are a kind person at the time eberyone needs a kind person."
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"Hiya Kat Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us, you have a great sense of what is going on around you. =o)"
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"Thank you Meowkats, I am enjoying your insightful and enlightening posts."
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"thank you for your posts, i do enjoy them and that's what yedda is about. you are not rude or use fould lanuage but put your point. i like that. God bless you and keep postig nanadee"
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"Thank you very much for your nice thoughts. Some I personally never thought of. I like making friends like you. Thanks.Anne"
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"Type your compliment here."
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"meowkats we just became contacts and I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy about that and I think that we can be helpful, hope that you enjoy Yedda, if you need help just ask,love your icon. Sweet Gypsey"