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Answered: Question in regards to slip meter

Very helpful information. I’ll look at it right now.Thank you very much.

Asked: Question in regards to slip meter

A friend of mine is in the market to purchase a slip meter for his new business so I told him that I’d ask my fellow AOL friends if anyone had any suggestions for him before he makes a purchase.Any ...

Answered: I am in my late 40's, married and was recently ...

Getting your health together first will be the first step. Just by taking small steps to eat right and work out will make your mood change for the better, it will give you more confidence. Be grateful ...

Answered: Do my engagement ring and wedding band have to ...

no. their is no certain rule on wedding rings matching the band. ideally people want them to, but if you wanted something different- go for it. it's not like your going to get fined for it!

Answered: What is a good name for a frozen yogurt shop? And ...

"Funky FroYo" and i would say self serve. customers seem to like that more at those types of places.

Answered: Can I get my passport at an USPS office here in ...

I know the UPS store where I live, you can only get your passport 4x4 photo taken and printed there. You have to go to the post office to get the real deal.

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