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Answered: Wow:What Item (Artifact) is better?

When doing PvP, the inherited insignia. When leveling, farming, etc., have a swift hand. As for which to get first, what do you spend more time doing? That's your answer. Good luck! wow gold =http ...

Asked: Wow:What Item (Artifact) is better?

Can you help me to dicede which Item (Artifact) is better? Because I can't to decide which one to take^^ Maybe you can tell me and help to decide... Is it ''Swift Hand of Justice'' or ''Inherited ...

Asked: Wow:How do I get from Vashj'ir to orgrimmar?

I set my HS to Vashj'ir. Forgot to bump professions. Trying to get back to Orgrimmar. Failing. Halp :(

Answered: WOW:Unable to connect?! help me !

The hackers started attacking the server again! they were online this night but now theyre offline again wow gold =

Asked: WOW:Unable to connect?! help me !

Guys i tried logging yestoday and it didnt work,so i thought give it some time i try today and the same pops in....i type password and then it says connecting...after a bit it says unable to connect ...

Asked: Wow Is there any plans for WOTLK with Feenix?

Does anybody know if Feenix has any plans of ever trying WOTLK? i mean, i honestly favor tbc over anything, but after a while i'll want to advance, i just wish it be with feenix and not some other ...

Answered: Wow are the servers down again for servicing?

Most probably due to the DDOS attacks, I'm awaiting some kind of update but yes, they have been offline for a couple of hours for me...keep fighting 'em Feenix! wow gold =http://www.coolgolds ...

Asked: Wow are the servers down again for servicing?

Wow are the servers down again for servicing?

Asked: When did you fall in love with World of Warcraft?

I have played wow 3 years ,but there were a lot of new games,i played some of them , at last i find wow is the best one. So i come back to play wow again.

Asked: Is ninja looting a guild bank allowed on World of ...

Is ninja looting a guild bank allowed on World of Warcraft?

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