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Smile though your heart is breaking.Just Smile. "inventors are a special group of people. Who see the future and they bring the future out into reality."
About Articus2:

I have medium brown eyes Dark hair. and I like to talk and shop.Half Greek and Half Scottish.


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Commented: About gary999's answer

I discussed this with a mixed gender group in of all places an up scale restaurant located on a lake front here in my city. The men say they hurry up in love making because they are afraid the woman ...

Commented: About Catbout2's answer

Hi Catabout2; Excellent words! Thanks. :)

Commented: About LindaRuth's answer

Hello Lindaruth; I hope you are well! Yes we women are about compromising and sacrifice's in the interest of marriage.And yes we are happy for it.Go figure. And we have to catch ourselves from the ...

Commented: About Horizon Paranormal Research Team's answer

Hi Ghostly Knights: I believe that thier exist a another earth. Which just slightly behind in time to ours. The time arrow in which they dwell is slightly slower then ours and ours slightly faster ...

Commented: About Rocmike3's answer

On the old Star trek The romulan used a warp drive powered by a singularity. A mini black hole to generate a gravity Vortex to ply the interstellar space. Now I realize that was fiction. But a ...

Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

Hi Bones; Right back at you. A physicist Hawkins said upon breaking from his wife said of sex in Marriage: Man does not live by bread alone." Well that goes for women as well at this one.

Commented: About gary999's answer

Also no low down Yankee liar here.Thank you! :)

Asked: Women And Men Are from Earth Not Venus or Mars No ...

We live in a society burdened with a host of gender stereotypes that often shape our choices and behaviors on a daily basis, impacting our relationships, and our development as human beings. Being ...


BG says:
"So glad you like my ideas!! glad I'm not the only one, haha!! Regards..."
lawbug says:
"I have to give you credit you are a very sharp and educated young lady. As you are on top of it you are an asset to yedda. "
~Jada~ says:
"Thank you Articus for doing that. It was solemn here for a long time. Don't cry though. You did a nice thing and we love you for it. Now go my child and find peace... lol that was supposed to make you smile! Life is good girl~ keep your chin up"
~Jada~ says:
"Thank you... that's probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard. 911 be be etched our our memories forever...We should never forget"
~Jada~ says:
"Articus, what a sweet thing to say! Thank you from both of us! Wow... what a compliment! lol You are a beautiful woman inside and out. Please don't let the silliness drive you away. We love you here!"
-O- says:
"Articus, you're a lovely person both inside and out --I know you'll not only always keep your humanitarian values, but you'll continue to grow in them."
BG says:
"Thanks....I have no qualms about being invited to the 'ladies' room'...not very computer savvy...what is the 'special section'? thanks again."
BG says:
"WOW thanks a lot....I needed that today!! always happy to help...keep smilin'!!!"
dot says:
"For the one with the most beautiful heart and astonishing beauty, I adore you Articus2~without even knowing you yet~I look forward to our cosmetics play dates and girlie~girl chats, and getting to know you better. Forgive me for not adding you on as a contact sooner, as the reason for that is because I adore you so MUCH , I thought that I already had! For all of your warm compliments you have given me, this one is especially for you~May God Bless you, love you, and keep you in his tender loving care-always. Welcome aboard on the Yedda ship Articus2!smile."
MrWebster says:
"Articus2: Where have you been? I want you. I want you here with me and us all. We need you. Regards and S' agapo, MW "
~Jada~ says:
"Love the pic! It's impossible to see the little one on the icon... glad you shared that! You are a beautiful woman! And that's only a compliment... no worries lol I'm straight as a board haha"
MrWebster says:
"Articus2: What is it with you? You've been here for 3 months only, and already you have 7 compliments? You must be somethin' else. Here's another: Esi enai poli orella (and interesting). Sagapo, Vasili"
Nanadee says:
"hi ya...just wanted to welcome you to yedda...i am sure you will make many friends here...ii love did you like the omplimpics....i so enjoyed watching it and so glad that canada got alot of metals...God bless...nanadee"
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Articus! Welcome to Yedda... I see you doing a great job here and think we're gonna have some fun! Looking forward to the future here with you..."
Katherine says:
"thank you so much for your help and support!"
budmer49 says:
"Type your compliment here."
BRyan Gaston says:
"I appreciate your heart toward this Israeli sister...I guess it shows what kind of person you are... compassionate."
go1bama says:
"re: disciples .....makes u wanna rush right down & sign up to be one, don't it? go1bama49 at d y"
go1bama says:
"..u sure r a pretty 61....trippin out also means freaking out, uknow?"