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Answered: Item stamped 1.00ctwt BAG VS 18KY. Is that 18K ...

This stamp says " 1.0 total carat weight of the diamond baguettes, VS quality in 18 karat yellow gold" Peter

Answered: How much is a plain 10k gold wedding ring worth ...

10K is 41.7% pure gold so if gold is 1500 per ounce and there are 31.1 grams in an ounce then 10K is $20.11 per gram X 2gr.= $40.22

Answered: Gold

88.5% pure gold is 21.168K gold, not a typical Karat weight for gold, it would normally be 21 or 22K not a fraction of it.

Answered: Are there certain diamond cuts that are ...

Well El_Gitano the only cuts that are cheaper are what is called a single cut (17 facets) but they don't come in anything larger than .10cts. To save money steer her toward middle graded diamonds. In ...

Answered: How much is a white gold 10k ring worth with p4 ...

The pure gold content of this ring for scrap valaue is $96.50 . The stamps mean nothing for value. Peter

Asked: How do I get a hard copy of all my contacts and a ...

How do I get a hard copy of all my contacts and a list of all emails?

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