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Answered: Who did God speak to in the Bible?

It is only baloney to baloney people. To anyone who isn't balonial it is quite clear.

Answered: What three things to have the power of the Holy ...

Pray regular, pray quietly and stop praying for things for yourself.

Answered: What happens when you enable a person?

If he is sitting down and you stick a pin in his arse, you enable him to stand up pretty quickly.

Answered: I have an old watercolor (1940's) in shades of ...

Disgustingly indecent, probably painted by a pervert. Burn it .

Answered: Will Jesus heal erectile disfunction? Would a ...

Find the cause of it and put it right or eliminate it. But if she is the cause of it, don't eliminate her though.

Answered: Why are life's challenges different for different ...

If everyone had a similar challenge, it would be too easy to copy other people's correct answer to the challenge. I just copied that.

Answered: How to measure to see if a 10' square is square?

Roll it down a steep hill and if it goes clump clump clump clump, it is square.

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