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Answered: What now for the Miami Heat?

The Miami shade is the solution if you can't stand the heat.

Answered: Where can I find 5 gold tuxedo long sleeve jackets ...

You will find them on four two armed and a one armed dancer.

Answered: Paining life

If that is what loving and caring is all about, I think I'll give it a miss.

Answered: I am not receiving my emails.

Are you ensuring that you are addressing the emails to yourself properly, if you aren't that will be the reason you are not getting any mail lol.

Answered: Not Allowed In Chats

Maybe the software that is Aim gets tired of you group chatters repeating yourselves over and over with tiresome nonsense that would send an active Volcano into a deep sleep for a 100 years .

Answered: I am almost on the verge of a broken ...

It will be for the best what with him being a weak willed maggot because if you had any children by him, they too would be nothing more than weak willed maggots and if the human race went on like that ...

Answered: I have an old watercolor (1940's) in shades of ...

Disgustingly indecent, probably painted by a pervert. Burn it .

Answered: Will Jesus heal erectile disfunction? Would a ...

Find the cause of it and put it right or eliminate it. But if she is the cause of it, don't eliminate her though.

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