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Answered: Hi, my 4yr old son has been diagnosed with visit that and learn more

Answered: How do I keep my P.C from going to sleep when not ...

go to power options on the control panel and disable the hibernation or sleep mode

Answered: Why does my child hate me?

only you can answer that since there is no info provided

Answered: My desktop picture will not change

windows desktop? what windows are you using? vista started win 7 starter? aol desktop?

Answered: How does religion make a better community?

religion does not make a better community God makes a better community example if you mixed religion on 1 community, will the community unite?

Answered: Wicca Covens in Iowa that would be willing....

again never debate its an endless loop to answer the topic, sorry i do not know but if you seek Jesus, we will be here to tell you about him

Answered: What the different between therefor and ...

another obvious observation the letter E is the difference

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