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Asked: Relaxing late night music -

Just some more good relaxing Canadian country music -

Asked: Relaxing late night music

Just some good relaxing Canadian country music -

Asked: Real terrorist -or disorganised idiot ?

Is Manssor Arbabsiar really a plausible subject as a potential assassin, - or are we once again seeing the FBI and CIA's penchant for thinking that anyone with an arabic name is a terrorist ?


fletcherba234 says:
"I sometimes wonder what life is all about. A time to decide? A time of experience? A time to go to the limits of endurance, the pit of fear, the zenith of accomplishment? Old fashioned virtues like nerves of steel and acdceptance of our destiny make us better than when we arrived."
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"It is good to see some common sense on AOLA, Charlie. We maynot agree on everything but I believe we can agree that courage is its own best reward. These are the old-fashioned virtues that make your posts memorable."
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"Hey Charlie, I'm checking in on you because I haven't see you lately. I hope you're doing well and I'll email you later. We all miss you around here ; )"
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"BTW I loved the Memories poem....It gave me cold chills up and down my spine...I am very patriotic and appreciate all the men and women who serve to keep us free!! God Bless You."
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"Hi Charlie! I just wanted to to let you know and anyone else who reads this that you are a good man and therefore yoU have good answers. I look forward, as always, to seeing you around AOLA. "
jay jewell says:
"Thank you charlie for answering my question.Hoping you can tell me where "whalley" is so i can contact deckers auto---i am sure i just do not know how to open your answer completly----thanks for your service to country--jay,vmf122"
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maggie says:
"Hi Charlie - I've never seen this page before - looks like it's called 'yedda'. Anyway thanks for your response about AMI and PI. It really is too far for lunch with my 1957 Milton (MA) High classmates! I want to add my 2 cents - your page/information/helpfulness is astonishing...Thank you."
Pickles says:
"Thank's Charlie for understanding why Americans would not want to see our flag changed. "
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"Happy Saint Patty's day"
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"Hey, thanks Charlie! I got off track because I thought of Victor Hugo!! Thank you, thank you."
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"Thanks Charlie for answering my question!!Your the best!!"
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"Charlie, thanks for the info. You seem to know your stuff. I was hoping this to be the answer I was looking for since this is all I've done in the past."
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"Charlie, thanks for the answers to my kitchen cabinet and tile questions. To give you more info, the cabinet doors are solid wood and split all the way through. My late husband made the doors and through the years they've been splitting. I guess the wood wasn't dry enough. So, again my question, after I fill them in and paint them will they continue to split?"
fletcherba234 says:
"It is good to see that there are still a few real men on the planet. Semper Fi!"
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"Thank you charlie for your answer on the puppy...carol"
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"Charlie, That is a fantastic thread you made for Dave. What a great friend you are to do that. The world needs more people just like you. Anna Sparky's Mom"
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"Charlie911 The poen was exceptional. Thank you for all you did for us over ther. God Bless you...."
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"hi charlie loved reading your poem. just stumbled on this site sounds turing 50 and it scares me to death lol."
~Jada~ says:
"Love it! I love that donald was gramps at the ripe age of 25!!! Too funny! Yes... he was an old man looking at the rest of you. Charlie... you're the bomb!"
~Jada~ says:
"Charlie.. I see your page is coming right along and I just love it. I think you should put at least the first names under each handsome devil in that photo for us...just a thought, but I love to put faces with names. I love that you are sharing these very special memories with us... thank you, my friend. And for the three who went on home...'I believe' and I'm very happy that you stayed here with us. We needed you, Charlie. ~Jada~"
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"Hey!...Sharp profile, Charlie!...Like it! :-)"
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"charlie2911 thank you for your Compliment"
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"Hi Charlie, hope you're getting all those books read. Hoping too that you had a wonderful Christmas and are having a great new year! Hope to see you back someday soon."
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"Charlie, Merry Christmas and a wonderful healthy New Year to you and your family. Anna and Sparky "
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"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Charlie! Your friend, ~Jada~"
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"Happy Holidays! May they be filled with good cheer, good friends, and good gifts!"
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"Hi Charlie... I just wanted to drop by to say that I miss your presence on Yedda lately and hope you return soon. I'm thinking about you and wish you good fortune and good health!"
brosen says:
"I fully agree that Halloween is a pagan holiday. Refer to the Golden Bough by ir James Fraser."
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"hi charlie... i just wanted to tell you that i enjoy reading what you have to say here on yedda :)"
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"Charlie2911, I like your poem and peace be with you : ) "
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"Charlie, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your answers. What a smart man you are! I have learned alot from you. I hope you stay forever. Anna Sparky's Mom"
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"Charlie2911, Reading your answers you much be the fix it all guy. Good going!"
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"charlie2911. Been gone for awhile, just a post to say, I'm back! Peace."
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"Hi Charlie, did you write the poem on your page? It really is amazing and if you did or didn't, I am glad I read it. "
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"Hi Charlie!! I hope you're having a wonderful day :) I always love seeing your yedda activity. "
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"charlie2911, Just want to tell you how much I enjoy your answers and comments. You are one of the best on yedda. Thanks for being my friend. Anna Sparky's Mom "
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"Thanks for being staright fowrd sum times we need people like u in our lives. plz if u cn tell me more abt ur situation, it might help me feel better. Don't take me rong i dont want 2 go back 2 him, bt the memories keep cuming up especially when my relationship is at the bottom."
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"Charlie2911, I find you a very happy person. I believe I would like to comment with you on Yedda more."
d. niemuth says:
"Thanks Charlie, I dont see any other way around it either and if you do it 2 to 4 times a week, I'm good with that. Just making sure I wasn't a complete goober, you know the type, graduate dregree , 7 years of college and absolutley no common sense. I thought about the flexible rubber hose coupling but ran into the sane problem: size matching."
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"Happy Father's Day"
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"Thanks Charlie, will do. BTW, lovely poem. wlh"
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"Happy Birthday and the best to you on yedda hope to chat with you sometime."
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"Hi Charlie... just dropping in to say Happy Birthday to a great person! Enjoy!"
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"charlie2911. It has taken me a long while to thankyou for responding to my beer question. Here's a question I have for you: is there any difference in the taste of micro-beer as in anyother beer? Granted there is some beer out there that tastes like it came out of the wrong end of a cow.,(figurtivly speaking of course) But how is micro-beer so different? Other than how it's brewed of course. I'll be reading for an answer. Take care. Peace."
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"Charlie,Many thanks for taking time to reply to my post.Best wishes from the U.K. and Have a great day.Very much like the poem on the left."
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"Hi Charlie! Thanks... it's good to be back amongst people like you! I missed ya!"
Fate says:
"Charlie, thank you very much for the info concerning my plumbing problem, I actually saw the cleanout unit when I was digging & making space to put balloon in but didn't have a clue what it was. It's very nice of you to take time and help people like me who have noone and need advice to get my problem taken care of. Keep up the good work. FatesPegasus"
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"Ah, my public.. Thanks for the thumbs-up. My intention IS to keep on truckin'..."
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"Hi Charlie.. I too love the poem and was going to tell you that when you first posted it but for some reason I keep coming back and reading it and haven't told you how much I like it. Stay the way you are Charlie... we all love you here at Yedda. You are intelligent, funny as hell, and sweet as a southerner... in fact, I'm making you an honorary southerner lol...Can't wait to see the pics of your woman .. so hurry up and post them! You're on cool character Charlie and I'm glad to call you my friend. With most sincerety, Jada"
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"Thanks Charlie for the warm welcome... I am really feeling at home here at Yedda-ville :-)"
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"Hi Charlie, glad to see you back. How did the kitchen venture turn out? It sounded really interesting."
Hodag says:
"Charlie, that is one helluva poem. You have real talent. Stay with it."
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"Charlie you're brains and humor and no-nonsense approach to Yedda questions are a solid Yedda asset. And you're so sweet to boot!"
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"thank u "
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"Cool Charlie, happy to help anytime...and I think your not shabby as a 'handyman' yourself!"
ddavel544 says:
"charlie....ya got a lot of helpful wisdom in your questions and your style"
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"Charlie...You have a great sence of humor....The tolit seat answer cracked me up...Lol..Keep it up ..God bless...Nanadee"
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"Hi Charlie..Your answers are funny, helpful, and kind. It's great having you on Yedda!"
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"Thanks alot Charlie. Just wasn't sure. You are a great help. "
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"Thanks for your kind words, Charlie. It's nice to know I have a friend up there in Canada. Congrats on winning to hockey gold! You seem to be a man of broad interests; I'll be looking forward to your posts in the future."
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"giggle no not irish, just 10 years old :)"
Katherine says:
"Thanks charlie pal!!! For your answer!!!"
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"Charlie, you seem to be a common guy with good knowledge and very helpful information."
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"CHARLIE ... you do great postings that are very informative and helpful to others. I commend you on how you offer your expertise to "Yeddians" ... you're Always Helpful!"
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"Charlie 2911, I must say, “You are a great guy.” I find your postings to be insightful and often quite funny. Keep up the good work."
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"Thanks Charlie for your answer I really appreciate it by the way I loved your question about Kaylaaa she is very rude sometimes not a very good addition to yedda I have told her that time and time again but try living with her its 10xs worse lol well best of luck... Corrine :)"
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"THanks Charlie for your quick reply."
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"Thanks Charlie for your input. Since I like the car I've been thinking of getting a compression test done just to see what or how serious the problem may be. Thanks Again Milt (Welland)"
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"I like your answers charlie2911-They make me laugh, they make me smile, you're funny AND kind, and you've definitely got style! I can't help but think, of your answer to schwink-just want you to know that I'm laughing so hard-It's still hard to think! Keep up the smiles charlie2911, Yedda needs more like you!"
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"One of the most intelligent people here.Thanks "
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"Potots momma comin at u again! Appreciated the quick answer about originating countries of the amish peoples. Very informative! Sent u a private message also. Aloha-potots momma"
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"just got your e mail.. keep up the good work on what you are doing in the short time you have here..try a few more questions welcome to yedda. there are some good people on yedda....tell us what you are interested in on question..God bless...nanadee"
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"Thanks for the insightful information, Charlie. I was aware of some of the problems in the mideast and have an Israeli sister-in-law. I may never get a real answer to my question, tho., but I do understand why......Julie"
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"charlie im new to this but it is obviouse that you have helped many people with many questions well done"