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Answered: Caregiver

Medicare will cover long term care costs but are only limited specially for home care. Know if Medicare will pay for your other costs at

Answered: How long can you collect long term disability?

For long term care insurance, there is such things as long term care insurance benefit period. See

Answered: Disability

I don't think it can be considered as a disability. See

Answered: My father is physically disabled with Multiple ...

An elder care attorney might be able to help. You should have also reported her already. The next time you get a caregiver, consult reliable home care agencies or provider to ensure that your father ...

Answered: Is high blood pressure a disability

No it is not considered as a disability. However if you won't be able to control your blood pressure, it might be a risk factor for a chronic condition that may be disabling and require you to need ...

Answered: Social security disability

You might want to consider getting a long term care insurance. It can cover your needs. To have an idea about long term care insurance costs, see

Answered: Disability

If it may be helpful, you might want to read about long term care. See

Answered: Will my mum have another stroke ?

I think your mom can undergo stroke screenings to determine the risk of re-occurence. Learn about stroke screenings at

Answered: Differences between a mini stroke and a regular ...

Mini stroke is only a temporary interruption of blood flow to a part of the brain. Unlike stroke, it doesn't destroy brain cells or lead to disability. Take stroke screenings to avoid strokes. See ...

Answered: What are the considerations in buying a long term ...

A typical LTC premium is going to be $1,000 to $3,000 per year. Paying a controlled amount annually is better than risking an unpredictable and potentially devasting cost in the future. Long term ...

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