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You kiss my lips so tender Embrace me through the night To you I surreneder Myself so hold on tight ... 4eva and always JT
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Asked: Blue Conatcts.....

Just wondering.....Say a person had brown eyes and had blue colored contacts would her eyes be blue or would the blue contacts not work becauese the brown color is darker than the blue. Help Me out ...

Asked: I want to be friends with her!!!

Alright here we go ... there is these girls in my school, the "cool girls" some can be really nice some can be a real pain... For my Bday we ussaly decorate lockers there wux like 6 ppl by me wishin ...

Asked: Why isnt he responding!!!

Ok, so there is this guy i really like,Nick. he's only in 1 of my classes and sits behind me.My friend asked him to ask me out he said he will so then i waited for like 3 weeks he never asked me out ...

Asked: Where can i buy Black Light paint?

I am Having A Black Light Dance party at my school so i wanted to paint my arms with black light paint. Do you know any store that carries Safe non-toxic Black Light paint? P.S. I DO NOT WANT 2 KNOW ...

Commented: About Alessandra Peters's answer

THANX ALOT, but im just really scared to try new things. I will be shure to try some japanese sea food thanks to you.

Asked: What are all types of guitars

What are all types of guitars and what is the most common type of guitar...thanx

Asked: What are all the badges you can earn in AOL ...

I've seen alot of members of aol answers with these cool badges.What are all of the badges i can achive and what do you have to do to earn them

Commented: About Book's answer

Yea,thanx alot for making me feel really bad

Asked: Do you know any beautiful places in japan?

If i were to tour japan where would be some awesome places to go besides tokoyo.NOT RIGHT NOW !!

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KJ says:
"Thank you! You're very, very kind and sweet!"
KJ says:
"You seem like a very sweet person! You ask good questions and it's obvios, you really want to find honest answers. Even if they might sting a bit. I'm sure you're a very sweet and very cute girl."