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Answered: How do you get ur boyfriend to like u if u fart in ...

Please. See a doctor about this - Farting in jars is just, weird...

Answered: Why wont he kiss me???

Ya we talked and he says he doesnt like people to see us kiss in public( Really REALLY stupid ) soo thanks to all the people who gave answers ... You are awesome!

Answered: Where can I get AXE Anarcery for GIRLS??

I found it at wal-mart!!! It smells sooo good!

Answered: Why is he calling my best friend to see if i am ...

Maybe he's to afraid to ask you yourself Has a crush on you and wants to know how youre feeling Worried about you Cares about you Cant talk with you( no other choice but to ask your bff ...

Answered: Is she really interested in you?

She will give you lots of eye contact and maaybe even hold it for a couple seconds Try and touch you( mostly hands and arms ) Compliment you alot Body Language Stuff like that, hoped this ...

Answered: Is it common for kids over 15 to wet there bed

well depends... your kid could have like a bladder problem or maybe somthings are just scaring him @ night...Nightmares, school problems, negetive stuff about his past, stuff like that

Answered: My brother is angry with me..............he is not ...

1st Decide what got him angry, then try and talk to him. say somtin like "hey bro, look i know that what i did was wrong and it was all my fault, i promise never to do this so sorry ...

Answered: Do Schools Need Natural Disaster Preparation ...

Yes,but nothing big.Maybe just like a quick drill randomly in the school day(like a firedrill)

Answered: Personality problem

I think its perfecty fine to be competitve sometimes.Most boys i know can be very competitve.If you really think you have a problem that bad go talk to a therapist or phycologist.

Answered: What does an artichoke taste like?

In my opinion I think an artichoke is DELICIOUS! some love it some hate it, it all depends on your taste buds. give it a try i bet youll love it(make sure you salt it add breadcrumbs and add some ...

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KJ says:
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