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I am SEO freelancers, if you want to be visible on Page 1, contact me.

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Answered: Starting an online business?

Doing online business is not a child play. It involve risks and require more work hard than as compare to opening business in mall or near business centers. You need to let people know you are online ...

Answered: Which is the better cell phone the IPhone 4 or the ...

I am using iPhone 4, having no problem and still working in its best condition. That's why for me iPhone 4 is best.

Answered: IPad

I think yes. It has all ingredients that make it Information Product.

Answered: Would you buy a Verizon iPhone?

Not right now. I'll wait till LTE (4G) integrate with future iPhone version.

Answered: Cell phones and kids

Ia also agree with other, 14-15 age is appropriate to use cell phones by teenagers.

Answered: stop e-mail alerts on cell phones

Open the your mobile email program, go to the email provider section/option, go to Options, there's option "Settings", set Alert to "Never" and save. No more beeps. You have to do it on each of your ...

Answered: Sleeping with cell phone

These are radiations, harmful for health and maybe cause heart attach, affect brain etc. It is advisable to keep away it from kids while they are sleep.

Answered: Cell phone provider

It depends where you are located. I think Vodafone and ATT are best amongst other service provider.

Answered: Mp3s

I think you asking for downloading books from computer to your smartphones. The easiest way to do this job is using iTunes, just visit the following page and follow the instructions. www[.]lexcycle ...

Answered: How do I connect my Ipod to Wi fi

Here's the Apple link that helps you how to connect iPod to Wifi.


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