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Not the dumbest people on this planet, that distinction definitely goes to those people who vote for Hussein O'Bama's second term come Nov 2012 given his p!ss-poor performance the past 4 years.

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You both must be having computer problems. I can still get to the old message boards.

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Bigotry, public or otherwise, isn't exclusive to any political party, sex or race. Hypocrites seem to hide behind that race card. Just look at how Hussein O'Bama and Eric Holder flaunt their bigotry ...

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It ain't his daddy he's missing, it's all that puu-ssay and those golden showers he's missing. Dat boy be discomboobulated.

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Hussein is his name. And I was asking if he will win by a landslide. Some people have said he will. I guess if his record since being elected isn't a factor, he might squeak by with a win.

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