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Answered: Not a question---Has been Deleted!

You guys are idiots you know that she is really sick right? Well if you didnt know she is and this place meant more to her then anything else you were like family to her. Then people that were ...

Answered: Hotaru Ferschke

What I dont understand what you are saying my teachers son fought with Michael Hotaro's husband in the war when he died a couple of years ago in a home invasion. He saved his life. Hes a hero and his ...

Answered: NOT A QUESTION :) Video song for my friend lol

Love ya Nin thanks for the song... <3Sarah Elizabeth

Answered: Why is barack obama in office. he hasnt really did ...

I agree with jay whether he got elected by tree "nuts"/acorns or not lol he still got elected lol and you have to deal with it dont like it tough and why ask soo simple minded questions doof!

Answered: Hotaru Ferschke

Watch this video aswell but be warned I would have a box of kleenex nearby!!!

Answered: Who performed the song, To Lay Me Down

is this the song: if so its by the grateful dead or something

Answered: Creed's "Rain"

Love the song here it is with the lyrics

Answered: Reading the news

My fav. would definitely be

Answered: Friend with an Potentially abusive Boyfriend ...

Yeah Corrine shes so naive and stupid sometimes I swear. You know she wont listen to any word of reason so we might aswell give up. Hes just a jerk but shes comfortable and soo inlove with him you ...

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Corrine says:
"I hope you enjoy the sight Sarah lol well have fun and try not to be so asulting and rude sooo yeah :) Your Bestie, Corrine"