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You are only as happy as you decide to be.
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An old man, still gardening, still trimming trees, still a faithful Catholic. 

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I'm amazed that Penney's would not refuse you service, Andrew.

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The Holy Mother Church issues vestment to the Priests starting with white for Novices, brown for Friars, black for Priests, red for Cardinals, and once again white for The Pope. Each Diocese has ...

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dfrogpong, why do you obsess to Rocmike all the time? Is he someone who make you look really stupid and then drove the point home with solid fact? Leftists always hate anyone who is correct and that ...

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It means that atheism is only a silly game for silly people to play when they should be happy, serious, and complete. That is why you are half a man. You cannot become a real man until you bring ...

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There is a lot for YOU to lie about. You lie that God does not exist, you lie to people you exploit for power and money, you lie to your family about your hatred, and that is why they left you ...

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dfrogpong, look at yourself to see that you do all that you accuse against me. Hypocrite, pull the railroad tie out of your eye before you offer to help me remove the splinter in mine. The thing ...

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Ywn, there is no "proof" you would accept because you have programmed yourself to hate. That is why you became an atheist. You are a worshiper of mindless hate, lies, and bitterness. There is ...

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Whatever you get, take the money and run.

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What are you talking about dfrogpond? You make no sense at all.

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When you do what God wants you to do, then you do the best things that are possible. When you go out of your way to hate God as bad as atheists do then you dop only what is evil. Atheists are ...