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An old man, still gardening, still trimming trees, still a faithful Catholic. 

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Thank you for admitting the truth. God gives us great ideas, not just the ability to speak the other person's language when it is needed. One man I met in the service looked like he was about to ...

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Andrew Cranky puts atheism in a Klan robe. That is why atheists are the only ones who ever joined the KKK. They burn Crosses to prove that they hate Christ as all atheist bigots always must. Yes ...

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Did you ever notice that atheists only preach nonsense and play games? That is why all atheists are worthless racists, liars, and bigoted fools. That is why only atheists join the KKK. They burn ...

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Once again we see that only atheists argue by authority. All other human beings can reason but atheists are not fit thinkers. That is why atheism makes no sense at all, that is why only drunks and ...

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I have never seen a Jew go to prison for a crime. Nor have I seen a true Christian go there for a crime. But I have seen both in prison, wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit. I have ...

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Leagle, it looks like you took your courses in Latin very seriously! It is good to see that some people still do.

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Why must atheists always be in such a terrible panic? Is it just because they are always completely wrong? Or is it because atheists have been brainwashed to live a lie that includes enough hate to ...

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Only atheists would join the Klan.

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Amen, Mystic. We do good and honorable service to The Lord by refusing to take part with atheism. We do far better service as open minded humanitarian servants, which atheists always oppose because ...

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Cardinals wear red. It is the color of Christ's blood, shed for us all. Pax Aeternum