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Answered: Can you keep warm and conserve energy?

Instead of keeping your house warm, why don't you just keep yourself warm by eating certain food. Some kinds of fruits (jackfruits and mangoes) and spices (pepper, chilli pepper, ginger, etc.) have ...

Answered: How to Stop someone from foresting?

I am so sorry to hear about that, but if the guy owned the land or had the right to manage the land, I think there is not so many things you could do to stop him from doing his plan. What about ...

Answered: Saving Electricity?

That's a good question. To be honest I always turn off the light whenever I am going out of the room. Switching the light on may require a lot of energy, but it's just for a second or less so I don't ...

Answered: Is Christmas a religious holiday?

I think the most important is the family gathering. You can celebrate the birth of Christ whenever you want, as he wasn't even born at December 25th.

Answered: When one is married,what will he lose and get?

You will lose one kind of freedom, and get another kind of it. You know, being a married person, you don't need to find someone to get married to anymore, neither you need to deal with the hassle of ...

Answered: Enom and Go Daddy?

There maybe less domains hosted on Enom than they are on Go Daddy, but personally I think Enom is more trustable than Go Daddy. Moreover, registering your domains on Enom, you don't need to deal with ...

Answered: Domain names with different extensions

Well, I don't think I would sell them at the same price. I imagine that the .com, .net and .co versions of the domain would sell at the highest price.

Answered: What does it mean to be a friend of God?

It means to love Him. To love Him means to love all his creations. If we couldn't love something we can see, how could we love something we can't see?

Answered: The Jesus Agenda

I think God will appear to us the way we want he does. Some people believe in Jesus Christ, the others believe in Buddha, Krshna, Shiva, or other great personalities. So, it's not about what we ...

Answered: ...Like It's Your Last?

I vote for living life to the fullest. You live in the present, not in the past or in the future. You can control the present life only. You cannot control your past and future life, so why bother ...

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