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Asked: When do you start construction project management?

Anybody in here who work in the construction sector. I need to know at what time during the construction phase do you start project management?

Answered: Reliable project management software?

There are countless project management software that have flooded the market. But only a few have all the features that are comprehensive and beneficial to many organizations. Ours is a small team ...

Answered: Internet speed test

use a authorized speed testing website, which doesn't take ages to load.

Asked: PM Tools for team members

Hi everyone! I have a question to ask. I work in a small company (50 employees, more less). We develop software, via outsourcing. We don't work by projects: we work by tasks, our clients assign us ...

Answered: My daughter just received a gold hinged ...

Wow. Its so nice of her to remember and send a beautiful gesture to your daughter.

Answered: How to identify an 1842 engraving

Post a clear close-up picture of it online. And then search in Google similar images. Else check the documentation attached to the angraving/location relevance.

Asked: Suggest a good project management template?

Can someone suggest a good project management template?

Asked: Time management tool selfhosted?

I am searching tool for time management. I used request tracker, but for a little team (one to many clients) is not so good :(. I tryed redmine, but it was not tool I searched. I would prefere ...

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