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Answered: Facebook

facebook timeline of course! oh wait, you can now edit your posted comments!

Answered: Facebook

what's with facebook? :)

Answered: Do poppers help with erection

I can also recommend you good poppers. See this

Answered: What age is erection lost?

Any age can be affected to erection lost. Even young ones suffer erectile dysfunction but which happens to be curable with any erection pills .

Answered: When i think about sex or meet my girl friend a ...

Go and see a doctor or take an erection pill for your penis.

Answered: Was it really rape if he got an erection?

Yes it is still a rape. The erection is a natural response of the body.

Answered: Why a 62 year old men can not have erection?

Suffering from erectile dysfunction. See a doctor or take an erection pill instead.

Answered: Penis Erection

I think it is because of excessive masturbation. Try to at least lessen doing it. take a penis enhancer instead.

Answered: What psycological processes maintain an erection?

Think of good thoughts and do not stress yourself.

Answered: What is the best mens erection supplement?

I think, you could find it here. Visit the site, it is proven and tested.



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