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Answered: What do dreams mean?

I have regular and very vivid dreams and while sometimes I enjoy them, most of the times I wake up in sweat figuring out how to run away from the things that are chasing me.

Answered: If we install Windows 7 will our data be deleted?

Windows is getting better with every version and I don't think your data will be just lost, unless you choose to format the hard drive partition before installation of Windows 7.

Answered: Go Daddy hosting service?

I have both hosting and domains with them and believe me, you do not want to use their hosting. Downtime is just ridiculous and I'm not talking about their starter package but their middle, supposedly ...

Answered: How often do you check Facebook?

Honestly, I check it rarely. As a matter of fact, I check it only when I get a notification by email that I got some message on facebook.

Answered: Do You Use Portable Software?

I do but it is not a priority for me that software needs to be portable. Actually I don't care much about this. If program is portable it is portable.

Answered: What are the features in Firefox 4 which ...

I don't think there are a lot of features in version 4 that really improved FF. On the other hand, I don't like most of the new features.

Answered: Is WordPress doing a good job with security?

What security issues? I have a few sites in WordPress and I'm not happy about hearing there are some issues, especially with security. Any more details?

Answered: Do you prefer Firefox or a different browser?

I prefer Firefox for the most part but there are cases where some pages won't load in it. Then I use Internet Explorer which is also a fine browser.

Answered: Would you use video chat on Facebook?

I would and I don't see the problem about this like others do. I think it is a great feature. But, like regular chat you should have the option of forbidding certain people from seeing you have a ...

Answered: I would be happy if i can get firefox.

Go the Mozilla's site and download it. Or you can download a portable version of it at which is way more convenient if you use multiple computers.

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