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Physical, mental, and spiritual perfection is a road, not a destination.
About Dennis Newman:

Trainer, 5-N Fitness.  Unlike Obama, I was actually born in Hawaii.  The difference is my birth certificate hasn't been tampered.

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Commented: About Morgan's answer

Thanks for weighing in Lady Darko. dfrogpong sure seems like a rapist. Stalking Tweekey that way is as dirty a thing as anybody could do. Islanders have a way to deal with rapists. I won't say ...

Commented: About Reverend Cooper's answer

If the wrath of God is placed on all ungodliness, then Cooper is the bigot it will hit first and worst. Stupid atheist...........

Commented: About Tweekey's answer

Mystic, real people have nothing to hide. We're all what nature gave us. It matters what we do with that gift. I sure hope Tweekey doesn't leave. She seems like a decent person. She would be ...

Commented: About Hombre's answer

Hey, if you want to compete in Mr. Universe, get in training like I hold. Give me a year, and I'll turn you into a real man, but you can't break training and you have to live near the beach to get ...

Commented: About edicous's answer

Edicous can't say where that so called Scripture came from because atheists are worthless liars. He made it up to prove how stupid atheists really are. You'd think atheists would be a little ...

Commented: About Reverend Cooper's answer

It looks to me like this Cooper creep is a randy priest. If he wants to put people to death for violating his self made religion that God didn't say, then fine, let him get the first stone before the ...

Commented: About Yechielshlipshon's answer

Yechielshiphshon, thanks for your words. They mean a lot. Penny suffered 19 days. Death came as a mercy. I spent a month in my hut grieving. We have Mormon neighbors. They brought me something ...

Commented: About Dennis Newman's answer

Bill, pacololo is that green happy weed Obama used to smoke and Clinton said he never inhaled. A little won't hurt you if your eyes are in bad shape or you are very bad seasick. Too much can make ...

Commented: About Dennis Newman's answer

Thanks American Patriot. I have good Mormon friends here. I'm an Islander so I know the faith of my people but I have never had hard words with the Mormons. They have always been honest and ...

Commented: About Jasperjay's answer

It took me less than a second to figure out Obama. He wanted the prestige of the Oval Office and sold his soul to get it. The thing is he did the devil's madness in the meantime.



Tweekey says:
"beloved person consider my flat yours also brian and i will make room for you and yours "
Tweekey says:
"dennis you say it all i would like to know you better maybe you could pose you do not seem shy this makes for art i have to wonder about you and women i do not like being beaten either i have the feeling you would never do this"
LadyE says:
"Dennis Thanks for staying. We could use more like you."
LadyE says:
"Thank You Dennis for your compliment. I know you are going to do great on AolAnswers."
Morgan says:
"Thank you Dennis for the compliment I do have a few giggles left inside after all the reality I have witnessed. If that is you in the photo I believe I will have to visit Hawaii soon. You have a way of putting forth a quip yourself with a nice edge to it. Keep it coming. Lady Darko"
Bill says:
"Welcome to the mud-wrestling pit, Dennis. There are rational persons here to counterbalance the leftist nut cases. I notice that you are into physical fitness. Is there a program that would work with an 82 year old curmudgeon like yours' unruly?"
n says:
"Welcome to AOl answers Dennis Newman."
Yechielshlipshon says:
"Dear Friend; Thank you for comig to AOLA. We, who behave, elcome decent conversation. My condolence for your lost, and hat's off for your choice how you spend your time. GBY"
Ranger says:
"Dennis Newman, Welcome to AOLA and thanks for helping with the socialist left in America."
Bob Suffolk says:
"Welcome aboard AOL Answers. Please be prepared for an assault from the leftist nut brigade (composed of Physicalist and Dfrogpong.) "