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Lois Lerner, head of the Internal Revenue Service’s tax-exempt organizations office, said at a hearing into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups on Wednesday, May 22 that she has done nothing wrong but declined to answer lawmakers' questions, invoked her constitutional right against self-incrimination. (Video: AP) So it always has been with the Democrat political machine.
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The Democrats have a record of racism that stinks on ice.  To wit:

Democrats fought to expand slavery while Republicans fought to end it.
Democrats passed discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws.
Democrats supported and passed the Missouri Compromise to protect slavery.
Democrats seceded from the Union in 1861 starting the Civil War.  The Confederacy had one political party that supported slavery.
Democrats supported and passed the Kansas Nebraska Act to expand slavery.
Democrats supported and backed the Dred Scott Decision.
Democrats opposed educating blacks.
Democrats fought against anti-lynching laws.
Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, was a “Kleagle” in the Ku Klux Klan.
Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 straight hours to keep it from passage.
Democrats passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned civil rights laws enacted by Republicans.
Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican, because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks.
Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, reintroduced segregation throughout the federal government immediately upon taking office in 1913.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first appointment to the Supreme Court was a life member of the Ku Klux Klan, Sen. Hugo Black, Democrat of Alabama.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s choice for vice president in 1944 was Harry Truman, who had joined the Ku Klux Klan in Kansas City in 1922.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt resisted Republican efforts to pass a federal law against lynching.
Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt opposed integration of the armed forces.
Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt personally authorized 223 “boondoggle” projects that nearly cost the allies victory in WWII.
Democrat Harry S. Truman authorized the use of the atomic bomb on Japan after having rejected their offer to surrender on condition that Emperor Hirohito remain as a figurehead (Mokusatsu Decision).
Democrat Harry S. Truman, acting on the advice of newly-appointed Secretary of State Robert Byrnes, opposed accepting surrender from Japan until after the second atomic bomb had been detonated over Nagasaki (Reparations Decision). 
Democrat Harry S. Truman rejected the advice of Generals Eisenhower and MacArthur to place sufficient troops and materiel in South Korea to fend off a possible invasion across the 38th parallel into South Korea.  (Inchon and Pusan Debacles). 
Democrat John F. Kennedy misread the Soviets very severely contrary to the advice of former President Eisenhower with the Bay of Pigs failed invasion and Cuban Missile Crisis.  Both could have provoked all-out nuclear attack and retaliation by NATO and Warsaw Pact. 
Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd were the chief opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Democrats supported and backed Judge John Ferguson in the case of Plessy v Ferguson.
Democrats supported the School Board of Topeka Kansas in the case of Brown v The Board of Education of Topeka Kansas.
Democrat public safety commissioner Eugene “Bull” Connor, in Birmingham, Ala., unleashed vicious dogs and turned fire hoses on black civil rights demonstrators.
Democrats opposed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., supported KKK efforts to attack and lynch Civil Rights protesters.
Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox “brandished an ax and sledgehammer to prevent blacks from patronizing his restaurant.
Democrat Governor George Wallace stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963, declaring there would be segregation forever.
Democrat Arkansas Governor Faubus tried to prevent desegregation of Little Rock public schools.
Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil rights Act.
Democrat President John F. Kennedy opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King.
Democrat President John F. Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the FBI.
Democrat Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy did his worst to end Collective Bargaining and with it union protection for workers.
Democrat President Bill Clinton’s mentor was U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, an Arkansas Democrat and KKK-indoctrinated supporter of racial segregation.
Democrat President Bill Clinton interned for J. William Fulbright in 1966-67.
Bill Clinton fled military duty in 1969 to England and there renounced American citizenship, as did his wife Hillary Rodham (Clinton). 
Democrat Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal, leaving a way for Manuel Noriega to commandeer the popularly elected government of Panama in a bloodbath coup d’état that left 4,200 Panamanians dead and another 17,000 wounded. 
Democrat Carter then failed to enforce UN Resolution 287, calling for military action to remove Noriega.  Carter’s negligence allowed the establishment of the Cartegena and Mediin Cocaine Cartels, known for destabilizing virtually all politics in Central and South America.

Democrats opposed:
The Emancipation Proclamation
The 13th Amendment
The 14th Amendment
The 15th Amendment
The Reconstruction Act of 1867
The Civil Rights Act of 1866
The Railroad Limitation Act of 1870
The Forest Preservation Act of 1870
The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
The Civil Rights Act of 1875
The Hometake Act of 1880
The Economic Parity Act of 1889
The Interstate Commerce Act of 1906
The International Waters and Fisheries Act of 1910
The Inner Cities Rehabilitation Act of 1913
(Repeal of) the Sedition Act in 1914
The Freedom of Speech Act of 1928
The Federal Reserve Act of 1929
The Minimum Wage Act of 1942
The Integration Act of 1943
The National Security Act of 1946
Tuskeegee Airmen Memorial in DC, 1947
Red Ball Express Memorial in DC 1948
Korea Veterans Memorial in DC 1956
The Civil Rights Act of 1957
The Civil Rights Act of 1958
The Civil Rights Act of 1966
The United States Civil Rights Commission (1966)
Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
Redistricting Act of 1973 (forced compliance voters’ decisions in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, which gave blacks on-par voting rights with whites for the first time).
Successful prosecution of the KKK in Tennessee and Arkansas.
(Repeal of) Poll Tax Laws (1958)
End of US involvement in the Vietnam War (1975)
Zoning reform that eliminated 'predominance of racial structure' from insurance marketing.
Consumer Protection Act of 1961 (amended in 1971).



Fifth Grade Final Progress Evaluation.
Piggott, Ar., June, 1970.


  1. Language arts.

A.   Rules of grammar.

B.   Library science.

C.   Publication procedure.

D.   Verification of fact.

E.   Roots of:

1.    English (European)

2.    English (American)

3.    Spanish.

4.    French.

5.    German.

6.    American slang.

F.    Writing projects (approved by instructor).

Nonfiction 500 words.

Fiction 500 words.

  1. History.

A.   Revolutionary War.

B.   Mexican-American War.

C.   War Between the States.

D.   WW1.

E.   WWII.

F.    Korean War.

G.   Vietnam War.

H.   Genealogy of one’s family (approved by instructor).

  1. Social Studies.

A.   Sino-Soviet relations.

B.   Sino-American relations.

C.   Soviet-American relations.

D.   Mexican-American relations.

E.   Canadian-American relations.

F.    International law.

G.   Function of ambassadors.

H.   American ambassadors to:

1.    Soviet Union.

2.    People’s Republic of China (proposed).

3.    Democratic Republic of South Korea.

4.    Republic of Mexico.

5.    Dominion of Canada.

6.    Republic of Vietnam.

I.    Name of your Mayor.

J.    Name of your County Commissioners.

K.   Name of your Governor.

L.    Number of your Congressional District.

M.   Name of your US Senator.

N.   Name of your US Representative.

O.   Name of the President.

P.   Name of the Vice President.

Q.   Name of the Speaker of the House.

R.   Name of the Majority Leader.

S.   Name of the Minority Leader.

T.   Name of the Majority Whip.

U.   Name of the Minority Whip.

V.   Name of one Independent Senator.

W.  Name of one Independent Representative.

X.   Three acts signed into law this legislative session.

Y.   Three acts repealed this legislative session.

Z.   Three acts rendered moot this session.

AA.        Political project (approved by instructor).

  1. Functions of political bodies.

A.   Executive branch.

B.   Legislative branch.

C.   Judicial branch.

D.   Succession of offices.

E.   Civil Law.

F.    Criminal Law.

G.   Tort Law.

H.   Voter initiative.

I.    Executive initiative.

J.    Voter referendum.

K.   Voter recall.

L.    Impeachment of Chief Executive.

M.   Term limits.

N.   Contested elections.

O.   Political misconduct.

P.   Executive misconduct.

Q.   Judicial misconduct.

R.   Legislative misconduct.

S.   Jury process.

1.    Right to trial by jury.

2.    Right to presumption of innocence. 

3.    Jury process.

4.    Judicial process.

  1.  Foreign government.

A.   Democracy.

B.   Republic.

C.   Democratic Republic.

D.   Monarchy.

E.   Oligarchy.

F.    Anarchy.

G.   Socialism.

H.   Communism.

I.      Totalitarianism.

J.    Government during ordinary conditions.

K.   Government during economic upheaval.

L.    Government during natural disaster.

M.   Government during war.

N.   Breakdown and Reorganization of law.

O.   Martial law.

P.   Military Jinta.

Q.   Military Junta.

R.   Jinta during peacetime.

S.   Junta during peacetime.

T.    Varieties of political intrigue.

U.   Conspiracy.

V.   Treason.

W.  Assassination.

X.   Government project (approved by instructor).

  1. Beliefs.

A.   Theism.

B.   Christianity.

C.   Catholicism.

D.   Protestantism.

E.   Russian Orthodox.

F.    Scottish Rite.

G.   Freemasonry.

H.   Latter-Day Saints.

I.      Jehovah’s Witnesses.

J.    Seventh - Day Adventist.

K.   Zoroastrianism.

L.    Buddhism.

M.   Confucianism.

N.   Judaism.

O.   Islam.

P.   Gnosticism

Q.   Agnosticism.

R.   Atheism.

S.   Anti-theism.

T.    Cults.

1.    Ku Klux Klan.

2.    Black Panthers.

3.    Faction Direct.

4.    Shining Path.

5.    Irish Liberation Army.

6.    Islamic Jihad.

7.    Atheist International.

U.   Anti-Christian Order.

V.   Satanism.

W.  Ordination of Ministers.

1.    Degree requirements.

2.    Duties of Chaplains.

3.    Military Chaplains.

4.    Civil Chaplains.

5.    Prison Chaplains.

6.    Red Cross Chaplains.

7.    Red Crescent Imams.

8.    Risks that Chaplains face.

9.    International Aid Societies.

10.United Nations Aid Ministry.

  1. Mathematics and Physics

A.   General principles.

B.   Addition.

C.   Subtraction.

D.   Multiplication.

E.   Division.

F.    Fractions.

G.   Simple numbers.

H.   Complex numbers.

I.      Sets.

J.    Subsets.

K.   Plane geometry.

L.    Spherical geometry.

M.   Irregular geometry.

N.   Trigonometry.

O.   Spherical Trigonometry.

P.   Irregular Trigonometry.

Q.   Quantum mechanics.

R.   Special Relativity.

S.   General Relativity.

T.    Quark Theory.

U.   Gravitation, Newtonian.

V.   Gravitation, Quantum.

W.  Mathematics project (approved by instructor).

  1. Physical education.

Pull Ups.

Push Ups (1 minute).

Sit Ups (1 minute).

100-meter dash (seconds).

1 Kilometer Run (minutes).

Swimming (25 meter lap).

  1.  Health.

A.   Importance of proper diet.

1.    Proper choice of foods.

2.    Avoidance of alcohol.

3.    Avoidance of tobacco.

4.    Avoidance of marijuana.

5.    Avoidance of other illegal drugs.

B.   Caloric intake v: daily exertion.

1.    Aerobic exercise.

2.    Non-aerobic exercise.

3.    Balanced physical fitness.

C.   How is venereal disease transmitted?

1.    Syphilis.

2.    Gonorrhea.

3.    Chlamydia.

4.    Legal penalties for statutory rape.

5.    Legal penalties for forcible rape.

6.    Avoiding sexual misconduct in the community.

7.    Avoiding sexual misconduct in the home.

D.   How is venereal disease prevented?

1.    Use of condoms.

2.    Abstinence. 

E.   Safety.

1.    Emergency preparedness.

2.    Avoiding falls.

3.    Avoiding lacerations.

4.    Avoiding other injuries.

5.    Safety around chemicals.

6.    Safety around electricity.

7.    Safety aboard bicycles.

8.    Safety as a pedestrian.

9.    Safety in motor vehicles.

F.    First Aid treatment.

1.    Maintaining a first-aid kit.

2.    First-degree burn.

3.    Second-degree burn.

4.    Third-degree burn.

5.    Exposure to harmful agents.

6.    Abrasions.

7.    Lacerations.

8.    Simple fracture.

9.    Compound fracture.

10. Venous bleeding.

11. Arterial bleeding.

12. First Aid project (approval of instructor).

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