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Asked: Others accessing my computer


Asked: Some Hollywood Gossipier says Tiger Woods ...

Some Hollywood Gossipier says Tiger Woods should just come clean about his affairs, that way all the gossip will go away. I say the gossip will be there either way and Tiger should keep his mouth ...

Asked: To Jeff re Susi

You may want to print out all these posts she's directing towards you for possible reference in a restraining order. Methinks she's a stalker.

Asked: Wireless network sharing safe?

I'm getting wireless service through the apartment I rent. When I look in my computer file I see "other" computers that I don't know. can they have access to anything on my computer?

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annette says:
"C.D. thank you for the compliment and I reciprocate. Nice to know there are still a few of us with level heads. I enjoy your posts. Hope you plan to stick around. Don't let the crazies get to you, ignore and enjoy."
Sparky's Mom says:
"C.D. You are a joy to read. I am glad you are here. I feel you are a sweet lady on and off yedda. So don't ever leave. From Anna Sparky's Mom "
Emilia says:
"Hey, CD Thanks for your help. It works! Fantastic suggestions. Have a Good Day, from Emilia in Caalgary, Alberta, Canada."