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Answered: Why would flowers not die and become preserved?

I'm wondering if she might not be thinking about how we preserve flowers by drying them. If that's the case the environment around flowers in their natural state would have to be so dry as to remove ...

Answered: Philosophical debate

Narcissists think that everyone else should love them as much as they love themselves.

Answered: Stepdaughter stole wedding set?

I agree with you on this matter. It sounds like the step daughter, according to the circumstances, probably did steal the jewelry. 17 going on 18 is not a child. She also seems to have some ...

Answered: Can I sue Kmart because one of there employees ...

I doubt it, unless they had or should have had some knowledge of past violent behavior. They took the appropriate action and fired her.

Answered: Breast Tenderness

My breasts used to always become more tender before my period. I think this is common.

Answered: Friends, Yeddans, and Others

My only question is: Would you like me to help you get down off that wall?

Answered: English paper question help asap!!!!!

My thought on the legalizing of gay marriage is that it will open the floodgate for any type of marriage where people say that it should be because they love each other --it would be just a matter of ...

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annette says:
"C.D. thank you for the compliment and I reciprocate. Nice to know there are still a few of us with level heads. I enjoy your posts. Hope you plan to stick around. Don't let the crazies get to you, ignore and enjoy."
Sparky's Mom says:
"C.D. You are a joy to read. I am glad you are here. I feel you are a sweet lady on and off yedda. So don't ever leave. From Anna Sparky's Mom "
Emilia says:
"Hey, CD Thanks for your help. It works! Fantastic suggestions. Have a Good Day, from Emilia in Caalgary, Alberta, Canada."