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I am a passionate person who loves to learn new things and accepts all challenges that comes into my way. I love traveling, reading, learning, movies and playing guitar. Currently I am working as a content writer in education sector related to online school and  IT training 

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Answered: Is it good to do MBA from distance education?

Well in my opinion MBA is best only if you do it for a full time program instead of distance education. MBA is totally about building your personality and that can't be done by opting for distance ...

Asked: Share your experiences

I have had a amazing experience while Web Campus, an Largest Online community for Online study and education. Does anyone of you had the same?

Answered: What is the procedure to do distance learning in ...

Well nowadays their are plenty of options available that one could get for distance education. You can always enroll yourself for online education courses and online classes for the same. For more ...


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