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What you do discloses what you think. We are wisest when we keep a good eye to history and learn from their mistakes.
About Stanley Pembroke:

Racked up and now retired field archaeologist, historian, lecturer, author.  Veteran, USN 1963-1969.

Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D., Mesoamerican and Middle-Eastern Archaeology, 1976.  Dissertation: "Why I hate grave robbers."

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Answered: Do you think Hillary Clinton would be a strong ...

We do well to realize that leftists are the nastiest of old bigots. These people are all into child pornography, lies, games, bigotry, and hate, but we already knew that leftists had an absolute ...

Asked: What does Tadpole hope to prove with her ...

What does Tadpole hope to prove with her pornography? She has already proved that leftists are too disgusting to forgive. What else was there to prove?

Answered: What does it mean when your released from jail "to ...

It means that you are in very bad trouble, in another jurisdiction. First you will serve all your time in one jurisdiction, and then you will be transferred to the next, held without bond, will be ...

Answered: Tadpole and her pornography.

Sadly enough, Tadpole thinks her child pornography is shocking. She should see what her Muslim friends in Pakistan and Yemen produce for their Muslim market. Defecation pornography is nothing to ...

Answered: Answered

The order of Josephus has a unique symbol in Judaism: a cross and a star of David intertwined in a specific way. Their doctrine is similar to Coptic doctrine (they are in the same general locale ...

Answered: Answer quote

History requires that we be balanced and disciplined as we approach it. These are the things that people have done, and why they did so. Extremists might try to abuse history for their personal ...

Asked: Tadpole and her pornography.

What does our solitary leftist hope to accomplish by posting X-rated pics? Our leftist has proved only that leftists are the most obnoxious liars, bigots, and fools, on the planet. What good is any ...

Answered: What do you think about the storm in the Middle ...

If it brings about peace, then God sent it -- just in time.

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Van Dyck was known for something between tastelessness and crude vulgarity. Van Dyke, to the contrary, was known for tasteful works that occasionally featured nudes, but they were never anything you ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Only leftists laugh at blasphemy. But of course, leftists are very simpleminded therefore attracted only to vulgar bitterness and racist hate. Perhaps that explains their antisocial devotion to the ...


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Elden Junior says:
"Allow me to thank you, Dr. Pembroke, for your wise counsel here. "
Trampo says:
"Yo, it looks like you put Indiana Jones out of a job! I gotta say you talk sense though. Talking sense makes the real difference. "
Morgan says:
"Stanley Pembroke your insight into the peoples' of our Nation is admirable and I would surely back more of it be told and the truth be known. You are indeed a welcome voice on Yedda. Lady darko"
Morgan says:
"Thank you for your compliment may I say the field you have thrived in is something I only dreamed of and started studying since I was 10. Unfortunate for me my College degrees where always measured out by my needs at those times in my life. Now I have the pleasure of living in and around the most historical sites in America and even though my studies were in Ancient history and religions on the side I never delt into Americas' history. Now I do and I am appalled at what I find the truth to be about Grant and the Calvary and our Indian Wars. Let me just say my heros are George Washington and Sitting Bull along with Crazy Horse. Suppose it will take this long before we know the truth about this weasel Obama. By the way Sir they are returning the bison to their Native Lands and people and you know what that means. The Ghost Dance I hope will be next. Lady Darko"